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CPLG named as Licensing Agent for WWF Adena

World Wildlife Fund reaches out to licensing agent CPLG for wider reach and more


WWF Adena also known as WWF Espana, has tapped CPLG to serve as their licensing agent in Spain.

As the organization’s agent, CPLG will develop a consumer products program that reflects WWF’s aspirational themes–including themes of species, forest, fresh water, marine and climate–and core brand values.

“With this agreement we will be able to deliver our conservation message to a greater number of people and increase the resources we need to continue working on the care of our planet,” says Juan Carlos del Olmo Castillejos, secretary general, WWF España. “In addition, we make it possible for responsible businesses to join the protection of the environment.”

WWF began 50 years ago as a small group of enthusiasts committed to the environment. Today, the nature conservation organization operates in more than 100 countries and is supported by 5 million people across six continents. The WWF España licensing program will not only help to raise funds to support the charity, but it will also serve to raise the profile of the organization and its beliefs to a much wider audience.

“We are delighted to work together with WWF as it allows us to take licensing to another level by contributing to a positive cause that we feel committed to,” says Pau Pascual, managing director, CPLG Iberia. “We are convinced that partners won’t hesitate in getting involved with this project.”

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